Top 5 Best-Rated Registered Agents In Texas

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Do you want to find the best online registered agent service in 2023 but aren’t sure where to begin?

It would help if you chose the right registered agent in Texas for your small business.

Finding the right registered agent is key to making sure your privacy and information are secure. To ensure your legal assets and financial security, you can ensure your business entity receives important information from Texas’s Secretary of State, correspondence from state offices, and service of process.

We researched the best options.

This buyer’s guide will take a detailed look at five top companies and highlight what makes them different. Click through the website to find out more information about each of these companies.

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#1 Northwest Registered Agent

  • Incorporations and LLC formations
  • The largest registered agent service in the U.S.
  • Their slogan is ‘Privacy by Default’
  • The Leader In Registered Agent Services!
  • Personalized Service & Support by Corporate Guides

“Free LLC Services” make money by selling their client’s private data to third parties. Northwest does not sell its client’s data. 

Northwest Registered Agent Privacy Policy

Northwest Registered Agent is our top pick for best Texas registered agent in 2022. Northwest provides the highest value at a very competitive price.

  • Widely Recognized As The Top Registered Agent Service In The U.S.
  • The Only Registered Agent On Our List With Offices In 50 States
  • Reasonably Priced With Payment Options For Everyone

Northwest is a well-known name in the industry of registered agents. Their experience spans more than 20 years. They’ve been in business since 1998. Northwest has served clients in a variety of industries over the years.

Northwest has enjoyed a solid reputation over the past two decades. There are countless glowing reviews on the service online, with not a single negative review. These testimonials alone should convince you to use Northwest.

Their customer service is another aspect that Northwest has consistently praised. The service’s simplicity is appealing to anyone looking to register their business. It is comforting to know that you have a solid customer support system available for technical problems.

Each client is assigned a personal support representative. The individual will act as your personal assistant and ensure that all your company’s needs are met. They will be available to you whenever you need them. These representatives are highly knowledgeable and can assist you with minor and major obstacles.

  • Compliance assistance
  • A free suite of online tools
  • Here are some tips for filing an annual report
  • Filing is easy with pre-populated forms
  • Amazing customer service
  • Personal assistants available
  • Every document is locally scanned
  • Support available 24/7, even outside of normal business hours
  • Stock certificates and LLC membership
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Forming an LLC via Northwest costs $225. plus add the filing fee for your state to this amount. This price includes a year of complimentary services. After your application has been processed, you will be able to start taking advantage of Northwest’s services.

Why Choose Northwest Registered Agent?

There are many benefits to choosing Northwest Registered Agent.

They provide everything you would expect from a registered agent, including an LLC formation service. Northwest Registered Agent will be your registered agent. This includes a Texas street address and a statutory agent who is available at all times during business hours.

They will scan, upload and forward all of your important mail and make it accessible in their online portal. They also keep your personal information out of reach of hackers and scammers.

Sign up and use their online system is easy and has intuitive navigation systems that allow you to quickly access your most important information.

However, their customer service is the true reason Northwest Registered Agent is #1 on my list.

Northwest Registered Agent is a standout in an age when companies are always looking for ways to save cash by outsourcing their support services overseas call centers with inexperienced and untrained staff.

The US-based team, which includes ex-entrepreneurs, lawyers, accountants, and small business owners, can assist you with any problems you may face with their computer system and process. They are also available to answer your questions about business operations.

Because they have experienced the same challenges, they can help you understand some of the finer points of HR, logistics, and accounting. They can direct you to a qualified professional who can help you with the questions they cannot answer.

They offer this level of guidance and support that is unmatched by any other registered agent. This makes them an easy choice for #1.

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Incfile logo

#2 Incfile

500,000+ Formations
1st Year Registered Agent Service Free!

  • Silver Package $0.00
  • Gold Package $149
  • Platinum Package $299

Incfile new website graphics

IncFile is a business that excels at what it does. Its name has become synonymous with its industry. IncFile is a name that everyone who has dealt with registered agent services knows. IncFile offers one of the most cost-effective, fastest, and intuitive services. IncFile will impress, regardless of whether you are registering your LLC for the first time or if you’ve done it before.

Incfile was launched in 2004. Although they are relatively new, they have learned a lot in the 16 years since their launch. They have worked with clients from many different backgrounds over the years. Their wide range of services reflects their diverse experience. IncFile agents are available to assist you regardless of the type of business that you wish to register.

IncFile is, without doubt, one of the most affordable and valuable registered agent services. You can register a new LLC through Incfile starting at $0. This does not include any state fees or taxes.

This package is one of the most affordable available. It also includes 12 months of access to IncFile’s other services. IncFile is a great option for startups and SME’s looking to be registered agents.

Such low rates could easily mislead you to doubt the legitimacy of IncFile. IncFile is a reliable registered agent that offers professionalism and quality.

Incfile business entities

There aren’t any caveats to this; IncFile is an outstanding all-around service that has existed since its inception. You get more than the usual services you expect from a registered agent for the entry price. Access to lifetime customer support, tax and business consultations, online order tracking, and the ability to start a new company within 24 hours are all part of your benefits. You also have access to a service to check the availability of company names.

IncFile is highly recommended for every solution they offer. IncFile has yet to disappoint us with any of its services or packages. There is not a negative review of IncFile online. The vast majority of reviews are positive. IncFile has helped more than 500,000+ clients over the past decade. This feat is even more impressive. Only a few of these clients have left negative reviews.

We can’t pinpoint any specific problem with IncFile because no service is perfect.

IncFile has served all types of businesses in the past. However, the company is now geared towards online businesses. IncFile has a range of add-ons to appeal to online merchants.

The Key FeaturesIncfile Agent Service:

  • Access important documents online
  • Support for customers for life
  • Free consultation for business and tax
  • Register agent services free for the first year
  • Next-day processing
  • Service for checking the availability of names

Incfile Registered agent Service Pricing

Incfile charges $0 plus applicable state fees to form an LLC. You also get access to many great features, such as registered agent services during the first year.

There are many subscription tiers. The Gold tier, for example, costs $149 but saves you money on administrative documents such as an IRS form or employment ID number. Their Platinum package comes in at $299.

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ZenBusiness LLC service logo 2021

#3 ZenBusiness

100,000+ Formations In The Past Year!

  • 100% accuracy guarantee
  • Simple service
  • Competitive pricing
  • No pushy sales reps or upselling
  • You can be assured of a worry-free experience
  • Chat support

ZenBusiness is a simplified registered agent service that offers a lot of automated services. ZenBusiness doesn’t offer as much assistance or guidance to clients. This is one of the fastest ways to register a business. ZenBusiness offers extra speedy processing if you’re in a rush.

ZenBusiness does not offer the same extensive range of administrative and legal services as its competitors. This allows for more flexible service. This is the best service for registered agents who want to be up and running quickly.

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Harbor Compliance logo

#4  Harbor Compliance

Expert registered agent service and the leader in compliance services

Harbor Compliance has seen remarkable growth over the past few years. Although it is a relatively young company, Harbor Compliance compensates for its shortcomings with its registered agent’s service quality.

Harbor Compliance has helped more than 25,000 clients apply for, secure, and maintain licenses across all industries since 2012.

Harbor Compliance was able to strike the right balance between pricing and features, offering customers attractive packages. They aren’t necessarily the most expensive, but they offer superior quality to their competitors.

Northwest Compliance and Harbor Compliance are very close competitors. Their customer service quality is consistently strong, even though their pricing has a few differences.

Northwest, for example, offers a personal customer service experience similar to that of Harbor Compliance. The company’s clients are called Compliance Specialists – dedicated customer account managers who have primary responsibility for handling all registered agent requirements.

If you have any questions, they can be reached via email, phone, or website. They are invaluable for any legal compliance needs.

Entity Manager

Register agent service includes complimentary access to Entity Manager software.

With Entity Manager, users can view all their entity registrations across all states and entities in one place. This includes registered agents, government contact information, and annual report deadlines.

The software provides personalized reminders for annual reports.

Services offered

  • You can use the Compliance Calendar to monitor and track statuses and alert staff about important dates such as license renewals, annual reports, registrations, and so on.
  • Delivery of vital documents within 24 hours
  • Scan documents free of charge
  • All states have local offices
  • Address of local registered agent
  • Personalized notifications
  • Publicize formation notices
  • Annual reports
  • Article writing
  • Operating agreements
  • Federal Employer Identification Number (or EIN)


#5 Incorp

Registered Agents, Entity Formations & Corporate Compliance Experts

Incorp website

We recommend Incfile for those on a tight budget. However, InCorp is a great option for those who need full-time registered agents services.

InCorp is one of the country’s largest registered agents, yet its service packages are very affordable.

For an entire year, their registered agent services start at $99. Prepaying for multiple years can bring down this cost. A subscription for five years costs $66 per year, so it is a very affordable option.

This package is unmatched by any other registered agent service provider.

Many clients also left glowing reviews about their services on several review sites, which speaks volumes about the firm’s reliability and quality.

InCorp, however, has not become complacent like many other companies. It uses its position to improve its other service packages and force competitors to raise their standards.

The customer support system currently in place integrates email, phone, and live chat support channels. For assistance, any customer can reach them through these channels between 9 AM and 9 PM. InCorp offers bilingual support in Spanish for clients who speak Spanish.

Runner Up


LegalZoom is an established brand, but we think their services are quite pricey compared to just about every other registered agent and formation service. When we checked LegalZoom’s prices in 2021, they charged $299 for one year of registered agent services. LLC formation with basic services can add up to over $800 – $1000 + state fee.

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