5 Best-Rated Incorporation Services for 2024

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Many incorporation services are affordable and efficient if you don’t have the budget for expensive lawyers to help you start a company in the United States. It can cost a lot of money to start a business. You want to make the most of your money. These services will take the burden off of you to file all necessary documents.

The outsourcing company will handle all formalities and submit them on your behalf. This will make it easy for you to concentrate on the important tasks of starting and running your business.

However, the million-dollar question is: How do you find a reliable and professional Incorporation Service?

By conducting thorough research.

Yes. We did that to help you find the best incorporation services in the country.

Prices For Their Popular Incorporation Plan and One Year of Registered Agent Service

Northwest Registered Agent $39
Monthly Plans Available!
Incfile $149
ZenBusiness $299
Swyft Filings $299
Rocket Lawyer $250

The prices above do not include state fee

#1 Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent was founded to provide registered agent services. They began offering many business services, including incorporation services, after spending enough time in the field. Northwest is unique because they promise not to sell any business information or data to third parties.

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Northwest Registered Agent  (Editor’s Choice!)
Business Formation with 365 Days of Registered Agent Service $39
We Have Discounted Prices for Northwest  $225  Just $39!

Visit Northwest Registered Agent

The Leader In Business Formations & Registered Agent Services

  • LLC Formation and Incorporation Services
  • Privacy by Default
  • LLC Pricing Starts at $39.00 + state fee
  • Most Popular Plan $39 + state fee
  • Monthly Plans Available
  • Strong customer service, direct phone line, and same-day email response

Monthly Plans Available  (‘Skip The State Fee’)

$37 Gets You Out The Door With A Newly Formed Business in California or Georgia! ?

  • California LLC $37/mo
  • Texas LLC  $54/mo
  • Georgia LLC $37/mo

Privacy by Default

Visit Northwest Registered Agent

Price and affordability

Northwest offers a single pricing package for incorporation services at $39. This includes the registered agent service. Customers cannot act as agents or deploy another registered agent.

Filing Time

Northwest is the most precise service provider when assessing the time required for a business to register. They provide the exact date of corporate incorporation in advance.

They charge $65 to $390 extra for registration in one day. This is to cut down on the time it takes to register.


Customers can navigate through the screens easily using a user-friendly interface. Other incorporation service websites don’t offer the same ease of access. It’s easy to go back to an earlier page and make any necessary changes. You can follow the interface assistance by clicking on the question mark icon. It is available to be accessed when you require assistance or more information about a particular step.

Resource Material

The webpage contains a lot of information about “How To.” Many articles provide detailed instructions on how to do different business activities. This section covers everything you need to know about tax structures in different states and start an S-Cooperation. The page also outlines the benefits and drawbacks of doing business within different states.

Some states do not have sales tax zones, while others have low fees for registering a business. While some states have a higher income tax, others charge additional for environmental protection.

This information is crucial for customers to make informed decisions when choosing the right state for their business.

Additional Legal Assistance

As mentioned, registered agent services are a core service offered by Northwest. The company provides all services necessary to register agents. This includes renewing your business, notifying you about the due dates for filing other documents, and complying with any legal requirements.

The company provides corporate owners with a virtual address. It also assists in the preparation of bylaws and operating agreements for corporations.

Customer Support Services

It is not uncommon to sell the company’s data. Many businesses have a lot of data and information that incorporation services can access. It isn’t easy to protect your data. Therefore, it is highly recommended that a service provider promises not to sell your data. Northwest offers a great alternative if you don’t want your data shared with banks and other companies that send promotional emails.

Northwest understands its customers’ needs and offers this unique service. You can reach their customer service team Monday through Friday, 8 am to 6 pm Eastern time. You can also fill out an online form to submit your question. You can also email the customer support team to get an answer.

#2 Incfile

IncFile’s is known for its affordable prices and fast, simple incorporation services. IncFile’s unique selling point is its free business registration. IncFile’s website has an extremely user-friendly interface. It also provides up-to-date information on all relevant incorporation services.

Price and affordability

IncFile offers three plans depending on the services provided:

Silver Package – IncFile’s silver package price is zero to register your business (except for state fees).

The Gold Package -This package costs 9 and includes EIN and many other forms.

Platinum Package – This package expedites filing within two business days. The platinum package is $299 and includes contract templates.

To get the final price for the offered offers, add the state fees.

Filing Time

IncFile provides two options regarding the time-of filing:

Incfile's Prices

Standard filing: 15 working days at a normal rate

Extended filing: Available within 2 working days for an additional $250

The company’s uniqueness is its ability to provide an estimated date for corporate formation well in advance.


IncFile scores are high in terms of the ease of use of its application. It is easy to navigate the interface and find the information you need. The information is well-spaced to ensure high clarity. It is easy to choose the services you need and leave those that aren’t. As soon as you place an order, you can view and track the details about your product in the client’s dashboard.

Resource Material

IncFile’s other outstanding feature is its ability to provide this information. IncFile provides a wealth of information material that is superior to other incorporation services. All information regarding registration in different states is included in the educational material.

They also include information about various business entities. The information is presented step-by-step with all details of the important dates, costs, and any other pertinent information about the product.

Additional Legal Assistance

IncFile also offers additional legal services to its clients, which is a handy feature. Not only can you get help with incorporation, but you also have access to many other services such as legal documents for corporate operation and stock transfer ledgers. It provides the MOM book, as well as the bylaws for forming the corporation. IncFile offers assistance with filing tax returns and IRS returns.

Customer Support Services

IncFile provides customer support via phone from Monday through Friday, 9 am-6 pm. Support is also available online via a customer request form.

#3 ZenBusiness

This online incorporation service is a great example of high-quality customer service. They can deal with even the most complicated corporate situations with ease. This is the unique characteristic of this service provider. ZenBusiness is a reliable option for corporates who expect their officers to change every year. ZenBusiness offers a worry-free guarantee, including free amendments to two annual corporate reports. It also offers an easy-to-use interface to its customers, allowing them to provide high levels of convenience.

Price and affordability

ZenBusiness offers three pricing options to its customers. They also offer custom plans for customers.

The Starter Plan is $49 per annum. The plan includes business filing services, a registered agent, and an operating agreement. The plan’s price is $119/year after the first year.

Pro Plan- The Pro Plan costs $199 per year. This plan offers more than just basic services. It also includes EIN and expediting filing.

Premium Plan – The premium plan is $299 and includes rush filing, domain name registration, business website, email, and domain name.

You can choose to have a custom plan if you don’t want to sign up for any of the plans offered by the service provider. This will cost you $49.

You will need to pay state fees in addition to the plan prices.

ZenBusiness Plans June 2021

Filing Time

The filing time is the same as the standard speed for incorporation services, and according to the plan chosen:

Starter Plan – 2 to 3 weeks

Pro Plan – 5 to 8 working days

Premium Plan – 2 to 4 working days


ZenBusiness’s USP is its simplicity. ZenBusiness was designed to be easy to use but not compromise on its functionality.

Resource Material

ZenBusiness has enough information to help you understand the 5Ws (Why, When, and Where) and 1H (1 How) of incorporation services. You can find the most recent information about each state in the blog articles.

They also provide all the necessary information, including costs for different business types. ZenBusiness provides a beautiful website that explains the step-by-step process for registering a business in each state. The information is all relevant and follows a very systematic process.

Additional Legal Assistance

ZenBusiness is focused on the legal requirements for incorporation services. They offer a registered agent, operating agreement, and EIN and prepare and file annual corporate reporting. ZenBuiseness can assist you in publishing the new corporation in New York publication.

Customer Support Services

The ZenBusiness CS Team is always available to provide support. The following hours are available for you to call, chat, or mail:

Chat and phone calls

Monday through Saturday – 8 am to 8 pm Central Time

Sunday – 10 am to 7 pm Central Time

#4 Swyft Filings


SwyftFiling is the best choice if you need to register your business quickly. SwyftFiling can quickly get your business documents within a day of you applying for the business. They offer fast service and a very affordable price range starting at $49.

Price and affordability

SwyftFiling offers three pricing options to its customers. These include:

The Basic Package is $49/year. This plan includes name availability, articles, and organization, as well as online access to documents. It also includes lifetime customer support, tax consultation for businesses, and obtaining a domain name.

Standard Package – The Standard Package costs $149 per year. This plan offers basic services as well as EIN, operating agreement, and corporate minutes.

The Premium Package is $299 and includes immediate delivery of e–documents, digital corporate kits, website, and web hosting.

Please note that prices do not include state fees.

Time for filing

SwyftFiling claims it is the fastest service provider in the industry. The company can return business documents to customers in as little as 15 days. They can complete the process in 24 hours with their rush services.


Swyft Filing’s business software is very user-friendly. The application provides relevant information to the customer as it guides them through the registration process. You will be kept informed of your registration progress by the progress bar at the top of the page.

Knowledge Resources

SwyftFiling provides many knowledge resources, including various registration guides. Before you start the registration process, or even during it, you can be sure that you are fully informed. You will also find information about the different states and their advantages and disadvantages. These blog articles provide detailed information about registering, operating, and dissolving any business entity.

Additional Legal Assistance

SwyftFiling offers more than basic incorporation services. They also provide registered agent support, such as applying for an EIN and helping with banking resolutions. They can also help you find out about licenses and permits that are required for a particular business.

Customer Support Services

You can chat with them by calling them or send an email to their customer service representative.

Chat and phone calls

Monday through Friday – 9 am to 6 pm Central Time


Send an email to the team. They will reply within one business day

SwyftFiling offers its customers a money-back guarantee. They will refund all money, minus any state fees, if you aren’t satisfied with their services.

#5 Rocket Lawyer

Our Favorite For Ongoing Legal Services Online


  • Rates: Beginning at $39.99 monthly + state filing fee
  • Sign-Up Process To Create An LLC: Select a plan, membership, or one-time formation package.
  • Refund Policy: Free trial (seven days)

Rocket Lawyer ads a contemporary spin to traditional legal services. Rather than companies being overwhelmed by various legal requirements and matters, Rocket Lawyer provides a user-friendly and effective system that allows people to handle legal requirements independently.

Rocket Lawyer is well-known for their online legal services, and they have been one of the best LLC services for a long time.

Whether that entails beginning an LLC, incorporating a company, or drafting business contracts legally binding (such as Release of Liability form or non-disclosure agreement).

Rocket Lawyer endeavors to make things as simple as possible.

The best part is that you’ll be able to do each one of these things by yourself. There are a couple of benefits to this – to start with, you will obtain your documentation right away.

Once you complete the information required, these documents get prepared on site. You’ll be able to download, print, or share them immediately. That is quite an impressive turnaround time.

Secondly, you’ll wind up paying significantly less for these services through Rocket Lawyer than you would through traditional ways.

Rocket Lawyer makes it easy to perform work using a modern approach.


If you are looking to streamline your business operations or have trouble registering your corporation, hiring a professional incorporation company is a good idea.

We have listed the top five best incorporation services, each with its own unique features. We hope this review has helped you choose the right company for you. If you’re unable to choose one incorporation company, you can always go with our top choice, i.e., ZenBusiness is reviewed for the features it offers. The IncFile is the best budget-friendly option. LegalZoom is the best choice if you need extensive legal assistance.


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