ZenBusiness Review 2020 (Why Everyone Recommends It)

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Do you want a fast and inexpensive service to get your company filed, formed, and started with the proper paperwork and requirements?

If you’re thinking ‘Yes,’ then you need to look no further than ZenBusiness. Since their formation in 2015, they’ve helped thousands of businesses get started, and the positive feedback they’ve received is incredible.

Business Formations 


They provide a fast and inexpensive business formation and filing service to set up your Corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), or Non-Profit organization. 

They provide the first step of making your business dream become a reality. To help you throughout this starting-up phase, ZenBusiness will provide you with support and guidance; you’ll even have a free personalized online dashboard to assist through these early stages.

Growth and Operations

ZenBusiness support does not end at the starting-up phase. Once your business is up and running, they can help you with your business operations and your business growth.

ZenBusiness 5 step formations steps 1-3

Zenbusiness 5 step formations part 2

ZenBusiness 5 Step Formation Process

  1. Select your filing package
  2. ZenBusiness files your documents to the State
  3. The State confirms your business
  4. ZenBusiness delivers all your documents to your personalized dashboard
  5. ZenBusiness provides ongoing services to keep your business in compliance with the State

The Team

ZenBusiness BBB Rating & Reviews

ZenBusiness Bettr Business Bureau Rating and Reviews

ZenBusiness’s ‘4-S’ Focus

Speed – Spending – Service – Simplicity 

  • Speed. ZenBusiness utilizes the latest technology and automated systems to ensure that your company formation is done with speed, efficiency, and is error-free. Their mission is to get your business up and running as soon as possible.
  • Spending. When you’re starting up, the spending starts and the income may not yet have begun to flow. ZenBusiness want to keep your spending to z minimum at this crucial time, and they offer the best prices you’ll find
  • Service. ZenBusiness employs a team of business formation specialists to make sure you are getting the best possible service you can get. 
  • Simplicity. You will not be baffled or confused by business jargon and legalese. ZenBusiness cut the red tape, they talk plain English, and they keep things simple. 

“There may be many companies offering an LLC formation service, but none will match that offered by ZenBusiness.”

This review will look at ZenBusiness in a bit more depth, assessing what their service is and what you should expect from them. We’ll include price, advantages, disadvantages, features and more so you can decide if it is right for you.

What Advantages Does ZenBusiness Offer?

  • ZenBusiness offers one of the most cost-effective means of establishing your LLC or corporation. With prices starting at a mere $49, they are providing a similar product to competitors at almost ⅓ of the price (the same service at LegalZoom is $99).
  • ZenBusiness keeps things simple and straightforward, with no confusing or scary language. The whole experience is designed to be a welcoming and exciting time. Starting a new business, of course, should be both of these.
  • Dealing with ZenBusiness, you have the confidence that comes with joining hundreds of other satisfied customers that already have. ZenBusiness has incredible customer feedback.
  • They offer you a Worry-Free Guarantee, assisting you through the starting-up phase of your business with help on reporting and LLC administration, as part of their Pro Package. 
  • ZenBusiness also takes its Corporate Social Responsibilities seriously, focusing on doing good as well as business growth. They partner with Kiva.org in working to eradicate poverty and also issue loans to help women and minority groups with business start-up costs. Dealing with such a company, you know you’ll be well looked after.

What Are The Disadvantages of ZenBusiness

In this case, we should ask what IS the disadvantage of ZenBusiness, because we could find only one, and it is this:

  • It isn’t straightforward to ascertain their turnaround time for their service. For instance, with their Starter Plan, they offer to establish an LLC in Colorado within 7-14 days. When we ordered their Starter Plan ourselves to test it, they completed the whole process in just three days. Although we were pleasantly surprised to have the service delivered faster than anticipated, it would be good to have the marketing material accurately reflect the time it takes.

Plans & Prices

ZenBusiness offer three options through which to establish your LLC:

Zenbusiness LLC services Prices and plans

Starter Plan. This option is available for $49 plus your State’s fee, and includes the following features:

  • Conduct Name Availability Search. Searching through business databases to check that your chosen name is available can be tedious and time-consuming. ZenBusiness will complete this check for you, to make sure your name is not already taken, or find a suitable alternative. 
  • Prepare and File Your Company’s Articles of Organization. These are formal, state requirements. ZenBusiness has drafted and filed countless numbers of these Articles and will save you time and eliminate errors in your completing your own.
  • Provide You With a Registered Agent Service: All LLCs operating in the United States are required to have a registered agent. This agent can be an individual or business entity that can receive state documents on your behalf and forward them to you. ZenBusiness provides this service free for one year, with an option to renew at $119/year after that.
  • Provide an LLC Operating Agreement Template. The LLC Operating Agreement provides details of your business’ ownership structure, and the way it operates. ZenBusiness provides you with a customizable template so that you get this critical document completed correctly and efficiently.
  • CPA Assessment. ZenBusiness offers you a free tax and accounting assessment by their licensed CPAs. This assessment will allow you to determine your tax, accounting, and bookkeeping needs. Unlike most other LLC service providers, that out-source CPA assessment to 3rd-parties, ZenBusiness handles this service internally.

Pro Plan. This option is available for $149 plus your State’s fee. It includes all the features of the Starter Plan, as well as the following:

  • Premium Plan. This option is available for $249 plus your State’s fee. It includes all the features of the Pro Plan, as well as the following:

  • Domain Name Registration. ZenBusiness will secure the domain name for your company’s website, including a domain management dashboard.
  • Domain Name Privacy: Your personal information regarding website domain ownership will be kept out of the public domain. 
  • Business Email Address: Premium Plan customers receive a business email account alongside 5GB of storage.
  • Business Website: ZenBusiness will help set you up with a brand new business website.
  • Priority Filing. Your company filings will be prioritized above Starter and Pro Plan users.


ZenBusiness Trustpilot Reviews In 2020

ZenBusiness’ Reputation

ZenBusiness is a fresh, bright, new company, and this is reflected in the incredible customer feedback they have to date. In the 1,440 customer reviews they’ve received, they have been given, on average, a score of 94%. That is pretty incredible and demonstrates the customer-focused attitude of ZenBusiness’s operations.

Is ZenBusiness Right For Creating Your LLC?

So far, we have seen that ZenBusiness has a lot to offer in setting up an LLC. Of course, no single company will be the right fit for everyone. So, let’s see if ZenBusiness is right for forming your LLC.

We feel that ZenBusiness will be a good choice for you if affordability and value for money are your key considerations. You may also steer towards them because of their corporate social responsibility, as well as their excellent customer satisfaction levels.

ZenBusiness may not be the best solution for starting your LLC if you are looking at the quickest advertised turnaround time. 

LegalZoom vs. ZenBusiness

How does ZenBusiness compare to other companies offering a similar service? Our search for LLC companies led us to review a number of them, one of them being LegalZoom. To compare ZenBusiness and LegalZoom, we asked ourselves four straightforward questions:

  • Who has better prices, LegalZoom, or ZenBusiness?
  • Is there a better deal online?
  • Who uses their service?
  • What do their customers say?

Getting answers to these three simple questions would give you the confidence to choose the right company to launch your LLC.

Who Has Better Prices, LegalZoom, or ZenBusiness?


ZenBusiness offers straightforward plans that are competitive compared to other suppliers. Plans start at $49 plus state fees, and for this, ZenBusiness will file your Articles of Organization, be your registered agent for 12 months, and provide you with an Operating Agreement.


LegalZoom’s LLC formation packages are more complicated than ZenBusiness’s, and they are also more expensive, $79 plus state fees being the starting price. They are also keen to upsell, evidenced when we contacted their customer service team regarding sign-up.

Any Formation Plans Online That Are Better Than LegalZoom or ZenBusiness?


Their incredible customer service, reviews, pricing, and straightforward LLC plans make ZenBusiness a great deal and an excellent choice.


LegalZoom is a more established and recognized company in the field of creating an LLC. However, there are better deals available in terms of speed, affordability, and reliability.

Who Uses LegalZoom and ZenBusiness?


ZenBusiness is popular with entrepreneurs:

  • Wanting a premium-level service at a budget-level price
  • Desiring their LLC to be set up quickly without having to pay a premium for this speed. 
  • Requiring ongoing support in terms of filing deadline alerts.
  • Wanting the benefit of worry-free annual reporting.


LegalZoom is popular with entrepreneurs who:

  • Want to work with a long-established company.
  • Do not mind paying a premium for the service.
  • Are in no hurry to establish their LLC.
  • Are willing to pay an additional sum for a speedy service.
  • Want ongoing legal services.

What do their customers say?

We gave an example of the ZenBusiness Trustpilot reviews above. Here is a recent sample of LegalZoom’s Trustpilot reviews from June 11, 2020.

Legalzoom Trustpilot reviews June 11, 2020



Having reviewed all the top LLC formation companies, and placed them in ranking order, ZenBusiness came out on top given the criteria we used. Their excellent price structure and incredible customer service were key features in this. We aren’t the only ones who favor ZenBusiness, other rankings online tend to rank ZenBusiness at the top for best LLC services recently. 

ZenBusiness’s price was considerably lower ($60) than LegalZoom, and at the critical start-up phase of a business, savings like these make all the difference. ZenBusiness is the service we would feel confident in recommending to friends and family.

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