Form an LLC Online in Mississippi

Mississippi Limited liability corporations (LLCs), a flexible business structure, offer business owners sound liability protection and tax advantages. In Mississippi, an LLC must be registered with the Mississippi Secretary Of State. You also need to pay the $50 filing fees. Once you have chosen the name of your LLC and appointed an agent, you can … Read more

Form an LLC in Minnesota

A Minnesota limited-liability company (LLC), a type business entity, provides liability protection for its owners. The LLC can have flexible management structures and can either be taxed as a pass through entity or a corporation. In Minnesota, LLCs must be registered with the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State. You’ll also need to pay … Read more

Michigan LLC Formation Guide

Michigan LLCs (limited-liability companies) are legal entities created at state level that provide flexibility in management, pass through taxation and personal asset protection. Three things are required before your LLC can start to ring the cash register. You must appoint a registered administrator, choose a business name and file Articles of Organization with Michigan Department … Read more

Massachusetts LLC Formation Guide

A Massachusetts LLC, also known as a limited liability company, is a business type that has limited liability for its owners (called members) as well as flexible taxation and management options. In Massachusetts, an LLC must be registered. You’ll need to choose a business name and a registered agent. The filing of an LLC in … Read more

Maryland LLC Formation Guide

A Maryland LLC, which is also known as a limited liability company, offers flexibility in management and pass-through (by default) taxation. It also provides liability protection to business owners and personal assets. It sounds great, but in order to run your business, you need to give your LLC a name, identify a registered agent, file … Read more

Maine LLC Formation Guide

This guide will help you set up an LLC in Maine. It includes step-by-step instructions for obtaining tax IDs and filing documents. Overview Because they are affordable to set up, offer flexibility for the owners and are simple to manage, LLCs are the most preferred business structure. Your LLC legalizes your business and limits your … Read more

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