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Many entrepreneurs would like to set up an LLC, but they lack the financial resources and knowledge. Some entrepreneurs may want to change their registered agent service.

This article will present the best registered agents and LLC formation service providers.

This article might be useful for searching for registered agent services and/or LLC creation services.

Look no further. We have reviews and customer feedback about InCorp.

InCorp Services Inc was established in the United States in 1998. It was established initially to support entities of a private bank involved in mergers or the acquisition of publicly traded corporations.

InCorp first offered registered agent services for the public in June 2001. InCorp also began offering national registered agents services in 2003.

InCorp has a large budget to develop new technology each year for their customers.

InCorp’s registered agents are among the most skilled.

They claim that they will beat commercial registered agents’ pricing

InCorp – One of the Top Registered Agent Service Providers
InCorp’s registered agent service is what it is most known for. InCorp also offers other services, such as corporation or LLC formation, licensing of businesses, and managed reporting service.

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Register Agent Services

What’s a registered agent?

An individual or company can be a registered agent if they are skilled in incorporating an organization. They can accept documents from the State Office or receive service and process when a business entity becomes entangled in legal proceedings.

An LLC should choose to have a trustworthy individual or company act as their registered agent in the states they operate their business.

If the company or person you choose to become your registered agent is not the right one, this could result in negative consequences for the company’s legal status. It can also result in unnecessary expenses.

InCorp’s primary focus is on its registered agent services. InCorp received excellent customer feedback.

InCorp rates also are among the lowest of any competitors.

InCorp offers this service to assist with business formation$199/year for a modest amount. However, you can still enjoy a substantial discount of $56.56 per annum if you get the 5-year package. Here’s a breakdown of InCorp’s registered agent’s services.

Services needed to create a corporation.
InCorp offers low-cost incorporation of your company or LLC across all 50 States.

InCorp has a starting rate of $0$99 plus $18 for shipping charges for any LLC creation. InCorp’s LLC services include the preparation of and filing information for your company.

This information will be required to form your LLC. The documents must be filed with the state where you are establishing your company.

InCorp offers name availability searches.

InCorp will search state business databases to verify that your chosen LLC has not yet been registered.

This allows you to be sure that the name you want is still available.

Services for Business Licensing
Licenses are required for all businesses in the United States.

It can take a lot of time and effort to find licenses and maintain renewals.

InCorp now provides incorporated licensing solutions through LicenseLogix. LicenseLogix has been the leader in business license management.

InCorp supports all business entities with licensing acquisition, maintenance, research, and support.

License Research
LicenseLogix helps you identify the licenses required for different authorities. InCorp costs $139 for each jurisdiction.

Compliance With License
LicenseLogix Online client License Information Center (CLiC) allows clients to either outsource their business licenses to LicenseLogix online or manage their licenses themselves using the easy software tool.

Licensing Filings
LicenseLogix handles your filing. It fills out all forms and ensures that all documents are included. InCorp costs $199 for each jurisdiction or license.

Validation of the license
LicenseLogix will verify that your current business licenses are still valid. InCorp charges $35 each for each license or per jurisdiction.

Managed Reports Service
InCorp tracks the status of your LLC and the due dates. Incorp charges $49 per year for the preparation and filing of your report.

Federal Tax ID Number (EIN).
EIN is the business’ social security number. It is the business’ social security number.

InCorp’s Advantages and Drawbacks

Reasonable prices
InCorp offers the best rates in the business. InCorp has some of the best rates in the business, including their LLC formation and registered agents services.

Age and experience
InCorp offers services for more than 20 years. InCorp has served more than 250,000 clients in the last 20 years.

Trustworthy Security
They can be trusted to protect your data at high security.

Customer Service
InCorp’s customer support is available 24 hours a day to assist.

Mixed Customer Feedback
InCorp is open to both positive feedback and negative comments from its clients. They have a 3.35/5 rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Additional fees
InCorp is affordable in shipping, but they offer reasonable rates. InCorps charges $18 to create an LLC, which costs $99 and adds up to over $117.

Customer reviews
InCorp has been praised by many customers over the years through platforms like Facebook, Better Business Bureau (BBB), and others.

Incorp’s customer care team has demonstrated remarkable customer service.

These are customer ratings and comments on the company’s service.

The highest percentage of these positive ratings.

Is InCorp the right match for you?
InCorp, especially for registered agent and their LLC creation services, is a great choice.

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