LegalZoom vs. Northwest Registered Agent: 2024 Comparison

Do you need an LLC formed but feel frustrated by the complexity and difficulties of the DIY route?

Although many providers offer LLC services, such as Northwest Registered Agent, LegalZoom, and LegalZoom, it can be challenging to determine which one is right for you.

You can compare LegalZoom vs. Northwest Registered Agent to get the information you need.

Comparison Table: LegalZoom vs. Northwest 



Registered Agent


LLC Price $79 + state fee $39 + state fee Northwest’s filing fees with registered agent: Cost $289 less

Registered Agent 

$249 For the first year, it’s free. Then, $125 per year Many LegalZoom clients say that it is difficult to cancel.
Approval Time 30 Business days unless otherwise agreed 3-5 business days (in most states) Northwest is, on average, three weeks quicker
Google Reviews LegalZoom is rated 3.7 stars Northwest gets 4.5 stars Northwest receives better reviews
Customer Support They can be challenging to reach. Sometimes, they will try to sell you more products. Industry experts who are willing to share their expertise. Friendly. No sales pitches. Northwest provides better customer service. And no “pushy” salespeople.
Data Privacy LegalZoom sells customer data. Northwest never sells customer data.  

Which LLC company would be the best choice for your business?

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Before we begin our comparison of Northwest Register Agent and LegalZoom, let us briefly outline the benefits Northwest offers that make them our preferred choice.

First and foremost, Northwest includes a full one-year registration agent service with all LLC service purchases, while LegalZoom’s LLC formation packages do not include this service. LegalZoom has only average support. Northwest also offers superior customer support. These advantages are worth more than LegalZoom’s much lower price for LLC creation service.

6 Things They Share In Common

1) Affordable: LegalZoom, Northwest Registered Agent, and LegalZoom can help your LLC’s formation. This is a cost-effective option for hiring a business attorney to create and file your documents.

2) Customer Service: This is where these services can be a significant benefit. Instead of figuring things out on your own, reach out to their customer support department to get help from knowledgeable professionals.

3) Experience. LegalZoom’s thousands upon thousands of happy customers and Northwest Registered Agent’s vast experience will earn you trust.

4) Additional Services The company’s comprehensive business services will help you meet all your compliance needs, such as registered agent service.

5) Educational. Both companies’ websites contain a wealth o information on common business issues, such as licensing and permits, asset protection, licensing, and licenses. They have many tools to help you get started in your LLC and learn about the business environment.

6) Efficiency. LegalZoom and Northwest Register Agent offer expedited services, which can significantly speed up your formation process. Often this reduces the time between weeks or even months to just a few days. These services are more costly, but they can be instrumental if you need them in a hurry.


Comparing Prices

Northwest Registered Agent Prices

Northwest Registered Agent: LLC formation and one year of registered agent service $39

Northwest Registered Agent sells one LLC formation package starting at $39 (plus the state fee). LegalZoom charges $79 for a basic LLC formation package. They also offer two higher-priced service packages, $329/$349, which are available at $329 and $449.

LegalZoom LLC Prices

Everyone would prefer to pay $39 over $79+. Suppose we dive into each company’s setup packages and examine Northwest’s other advantages over LegalZoom. In that case, it might surprise us to find that Northwest manages to overcome this substantial pricing difference to be our preferred choice. 


These companies offer similar service packages for LLCs. LegalZoom’s LLC packages do not include registered agent service, even premium packages. However, Northwest Registered Agent provides a full calendar year of registered agent service.

Consider the following scenario: You want LegalZoom to set up your LLC. But, you also wish to all of those same features in a Northwest LLC package.

LegalZoom will need to charge an additional $249 or $299 for a year of registered agents service if you add this to your LLC package. Otherwise, your total cost will be $328 as a minimum and not the $225 you would pay with Northwest.


Northwest Registered Agent has a mid-sized team with extensive experience and expert knowledge. They’ve been in business since 1998. Over the years, they have helped create thousands of businesses. LegalZoom is a vast operation that has helped millions of companies since 1999. Both companies are highly reliable. It just depends on what type of company you choose to do business with.

Customer Support

Northwest’s support team is terrific. The company has a team of corporate guides who are professionally trained to provide superior customer support. When we call to ask questions about complex state rules or form an LLC, the first person we speak to can immediately answer our questions.

LegalZoom’s support staff is not as skilled as Northwest’s. However, they have extended support hours that give them an edge. They can take your calls and email from 8-10 PM ET every weekday and are open Saturdays from 10-11:59 ET.

Turnaround Times

The significant difference between the two is that Northwest Registered Agent’s turnarounds can vary from state to state. LegalZoom’s turnarounds depend on which level you purchase: Economy ($79), Standard (329) takes 15, and Express Gold (349) takes 7-10.

Both companies deliver fast turnaround times. But, because they structure their processing times, Northwest Registered Agent is faster than LegalZoom in certain states, LegalZoom may be quicker in other states. It isn’t something we like to see that varies based on how much you pay. We prefer Northwest’s method.

Order Tracking

Both services offer online tracking that allows you to see real-time order status updates. It’s an easy way to know which step your order is in. These companies are considered equals in this regard.

Registered Agent Service

Each LLC in America must have a registered agent. A registered agent is a person/business entity that receives important document delivery from your state government. The recipient informs you about the receipt and then forwards the documents. This is crucial as the state will need to contact you at any time.

Northwest Registered Agent comes with any LLC formation for an entire year. The annual fee is $125. Northwest is also a significant national registered agent service that scans every document they get on your behalf. Competitors only scan government documents.

LegalZoom’s registered agent service is not included in any formation package. Their annual fee is $299. However, you can get your first year for $249 by adding it to your LLC package.

Customer Reviews

Northwest Registered Agent receives high review scores but has very few online reviews — only about 270. LegalZoom’s thoughts are more varied than Northwest Registered Agent’s, with more than 4,000 available. While they have received more positive reviews over negative, and their reputation for customer satisfaction has improved, LegalZoom still doesn’t have the same average review score as other competitors. Northwest has a higher average score overall.

Ease of use

We don’t think there’s a significant difference between the two, so we’ll point out that LegalZoom’s site is slightly more user-friendly than Northwest Register Agent. LegalZoom’s website does have one downside: They sometimes try to upsell you during purchase.

Additional Services

These companies offer many of the same services. They can both provide registered agent services as well as foreign registrations. LegalZoom also offers personal services that Northwest registered agent does not.

LegalZoom can create your estate plan or draft a pet care agreement. Northwest doesn’t have this option. However, they offer their clients consultations from attorneys. LegalZoom has services Northwest doesn’t, like mail forwarding, virtual offices, and virtual offices.

Better Business Bureau Reviews

Northwest Registered Agent BBB Reviews

Northwest Registered Agent BBB Reviews 2022

LegalZoom BBB Reviews

Which is the Best LLC Formation Service?

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Although both are excellent services for LLC formation, LegalZoom is far more popular than Northwest Registered Agent. Northwest’s service is more appealing than LegalZoom and offers a better overall value.

Northwest provides consistent customer service. Northwest offers a full calendar year of premium registered agents service at no extra cost. LegalZoom packages will add $249.

But, there are different reasons why you may prefer one to another. Here are a few scenarios to help with your decision.

Choose Northwest?

Do you desire the best customer support available? You may place high importance on registered agent services. Northwest Registered agent is the right choice.

Choose LegalZoom?

Do you prefer to use a more well-known service, with many customers and a lot of brand recognition? If so, choose LegalZoom.


Common Questions

How does LegalZoom’s Northwest Registered Agent compare to Incfile

IncFile is one of the most widely-used options for LLC formation.

Check out our Incfile Comparison vs. LegalZoom or Northwest Registered Agents and IncFile Comparison to compare the two services.

Do you have any other state requirements?

Northwest can provide considerable assistance with state-specific needs like publication. However, they do not offer to handle it entirely.

New York permits their clients to use Albany as their principal address or “addresses for service of procedure.”

LegalZoom doesn’t offer a publication service. BizFilings and ZenBusiness are two options if you’re looking for a company that can do this.

Which Service has Fewer Upsells

This is where Northwest and LegalZoom differ. LegalZoom offers upsells at a level that Northwest has never attempted. LegalZoom will make it challenging to choose the right package for your LLC.

How can you tell which features you are looking for before deciding what package you want? The short answer is no. LegalZoom has a lousy way of structuring upsells. They don’t make them appear helpful.

Do these Services Share My Data with Third Parties

LegalZoom, Northwest, and other companies are solid in this regard.

LegalZoom is not in a race with their rivals to see who can share your data with the most third-party partners. This is usually presented to customers to some degree as some “free extras”/”bonus features.” Northwest focuses on providing the best possible services.

Do these Services have a policy on refunds?

LegalZoom is proud to offer a comprehensive satisfaction guarantee that demonstrates their confidence in their products and services. The contract stipulates that they will give a refund if requested within five working days from the date of purchase.

Northwest has a solid cancellation policy, but it isn’t up to LegalZoom. Northwest offers refunds but charges a $25 processing fee.

Which LLC Formation Website Is Faster

This depends on the state where your business is formed. LegalZoom, Northwest, and other processing speeds can be quite different.

Northwest’s turnarounds depend on your state’s actual capabilities, while LegalZooms’ is determined by what level of service they provide. Their cheapest package has the longest turnaround time (Economy, 30 Business Days). Still, their mid-tier Standard package accelerates things up to 15%, and their most expensive Express Gold package takes 7-10 Business Days.

Can I register an LLC without any service?

This option is always available, and many entrepreneurs form their own LLCs.

This is not something we recommend. Each state has its unique interpretation of how LLC formation works. You’ll need to learn the specific rules and regulations for your particular state before you can form your LLC.

We love having peace of mind when we hire a trusted service like LegalZoom and Northwest. This allows us to rest assured that all steps were completed legally.

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