Best Online Legal Services 2024

Some things are simply impossible without the assistance of a licensed lawyer. Online legal services make it much easier to obtain the help you need from your home. This is a far cry away from the days when you had to search through yellow pages or visit dreary offices.

You may be surprised at how affordable and fast it is to find a lawyer online. There are many online legal services available, from estate planning to starting small businesses. We compared all of the available options and selected the best, based on price, quality, reputation, and value.

Best Online Legal Services of 2022

  • Best Overall: LegalZoom
  • Best Free Advice: Avvo
  • Best Affordable Service: LegalShield
  • Best for Finding a Lawyer: FindLaw
  • Best for Complex Needs: Rocket Lawyer
  • Best for Startup Businesses: Incfile

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You won’t find a better variety of online legal services. LegalZoom makes it simple to access legal documents online. It has easy-to-use forms and prices that start at $29—the pioneer in online legal services. LegalZoom logo, LegalZoom vsvs ZenBusiness


  • Straightforward, flat-rate pricing
  • Excellent phone support
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Memberships available


  • Different pricing options can cause confusion
  • All documents may not be viewable online.
  • Extra fees for filing assistance, depending on the state

LegalZoom makes getting the documents you need fast and easy, whether you’re renting out a property or planning your estate. You can create custom legal documents with LegalZoom starting at $29. The majority of records are easy to complete online. They can then be sent electronically or made available for download.

LegalZoom also offers complete services packages that give you access to a licensed attorney over a certain period. The Last Will Estate Plan is an example. It includes assistance from a lawyer to make your last will, testament, financial power, living will, and one year of continuing legal guidance regarding your estate. The cost is $179 for one person and $279 for two.

LegalZoom’s customer service is what sets it apart from other platforms. Support representatives can be reached by phone during the week (14 hours per day) and on weekends (9 hours per day). Many documents offer unlimited revisions. Contact customer service within 60 days to receive a full refund if the final product is unsatisfactory.

LegalZoom provides most documents digitally, though some documents may need to be sent by post. The service costs an additional fee if you need assistance filing a document with the proper legal authority. Visit LegalZoom

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer’s online attorneys are the best for complex cases. However, most online legal services are very standard. Rocket Lawyer logo


  • Offering both memberships as well as a la carte options
  • Members save up to 40 percent on On-Call fees
  • Available in 5 countries
  • Free 7-day trial


  • Too complicated for those with basic needs
  • Higher membership fees
  • No weekend support

Rocket Lawyer is the best option for you if standard online services have not met your legal needs. The company offers a wide range of solutions to individual or business customers in the United States and other countries, including France, Spain, Spain, France, and the Netherlands.

Rocket Lawyer lets you either buy services by the hour or sign up for a monthly contract. Memberships are $39.99 per month. They include unlimited documents and answers to legal questions. You can also get 30-minute consultations about new issues. It is easy to pay off, with fees for nonmembers starting at $39.99 for a single document and ending at $59.99 in a 30-minute consultation.

Complex cases may require additional legal services. Rocket Lawyer on Call is available for those who aren’t happy with Rocket Lawyer’s list services. Rocket Lawyer will help you connect with the right attorney in 30 minutes via phone if your legal issue cannot be resolved online. You can continue your work with an attorney at 40% off the hourly rate or 10% off the flat fee.

Rocket Lawyer memberships are available for seven days and canceled anytime before the next billing cycle. The monthly fee of $39.99 may be more than others, but it might be worth it for those who need a lot of documents or complex legal advice. Customer support is not available on weekends. Visit Rocket Lawyer


LegalShield offers the best online service for both families and businesses. They offer reasonable prices, outstanding support, 24/7 convenience, and excellent legal advice. LegalShield logo


  • Serves both small and large business
  • Affordable monthly plans
  • No long-term contracts
  • Chat and emergency consultations available via live chat
  • Available in Canada and the United States


  • It is not designed for use once and is done.
  • The cost of additional services will vary depending on where they are located and which attorney it is.
  • Extra costs may apply to preexisting medical conditions

LegalShield says that an hour spent with an attorney could cost between $150-$400. LegalShield’s all-inclusive plans offer a cheaper option. Monthly membership fees start at $29.95 and $49 for individuals and small businesses. They cover many basic services that an attorney might provide at a fraction of the price.

LegalShield offers an individual plan that includes unlimited consultations with a licensed attorney and a review of legal documents. LegalShield’s plan includes unlimited consultations and mortgage document preparation. Additionally, representation is available in certain circumstances related to traffic violations and tax audits. For any other reason, you will get a 25% discount off the standard hourly rate of a law firm. No additional fees are charged for your spouse or dependent children.

LegalShield provides coverage for small business owners. Three membership levels cost $49 to $169 each month. All plans include consultations and a 25% reduction on hourly fees. Prices will vary depending on how many documents are needed to be reviewed and how much correspondence your attorney needs to send.

LegalShield offers a monthly subscription, but there is no long-term commitment. Cancel anytime, and get a prorated credit for days not used. Be aware, however, that certain benefits do not apply to preexisting situations. For example, if you sign up to LegalShield after you get a ticket, you will not access the traffic violation benefits. Visit LegalShield


Avvo can help you get advice from a licensed attorney if you only have a small legal question.

Avvo logo


  • Post a question for advice and guidance from one or more attorneys
  • Most questions can be answered within 12 hours.
  • Follow-up questions not charged
  • A national directory of attorneys


  • Anybody can ask questions
  • Limited to general information
  • Filled with ads for local lawyers

Nothing is more frustrating than paying an attorney to help you, but they don’t have the time. Avvo is an internet directory of lawyers and a great place to get free legal advice. Avvo estimates that one person receives assistance every five seconds on its Q&A board. Most often, this is within 12 hours.

Avvo is an online platform that allows you to submit questions. Fill out the form below with your question, details, and city/state. Within hours, at the most, one lawyer from your area should reply. Avvo encourages clients to follow up with questions as often as possible. They are free for as long as the attorney is available.

The main caveat is: Avvo Q&A answers do not create an attorney-client relationship. Sometimes, it may be recommended that you hire a lawyer. To find a local lawyer, use Avvo or call the one who has answered your questions.

Anyone can view Avvo’s Q&A board. As an added source of information, you can also search for questions posted by others. It would help if you also were on the lookout for sponsored lawyer listings. Visit AVVO


FindLaw is the premier online directory that lists hundreds of lawyers across 119 practice areas. FindLaw logo


  • A directory of attorneys in all 50 U.S. states and Puerto Rico
  • Searchable by place and legal issue
  • Easy to find consultations for free
  • Use our free online resources


  • Limited support options
  • Many attorneys don’t have reviews.
  • It does not contain disciplinary information.

FindLaw has the best way to find all types of attorneys for every legal issue. You can find qualified attorneys in your area of law from the online directory, which lists hundreds of U.S. attorney profiles.

FindLaw allows you to quickly and easily find qualified lawyers by simply entering your legal issue and geographical location. FindLaw will enable you to filter your search by location and choose whether you would like to speak with someone offering free consultations. If an individual in need of representation isn’t fluent in English, you can limit your search results to only those who speak it.

FindLaw’s attorney directory is not the only thing they offer. The state-by-state encyclopedia explains important laws in easy terms for people who don’t have a law degree. They also have an online library that contains legal resources. FindLaw’s guides can help determine if you need an attorney.

It is important to consult multiple attorneys before deciding on the most qualified professional at a reasonable price. FindLaw may show client reviews, but you may not find many reviews. It’s worth spending the extra effort to search each lawyer on other platforms for reviews. FindLaw also suggests that you verify the lawyer’s disciplinary history with your local Bar Association. Visit FindLaw


UpCounsel has many excellent legal services. They provide everything from individual legal consultations to full-time legal departments for your company, all at a fraction of the cost. UpCounsel logo

Airbnb is one of the top brands that use these tools. They often deal with legal matters. You know you’re safe.

UpCounsel has several popular categories, including:

  • Startups
  • Agreements
  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • General counsel
  • Labor and employment
  • Securities and finance

Here’s how you do it.

You can post a job related to your company or legal needs in a matter of minutes. UpCounsel protects all information that you post.

UpCounsel’s algorithm will automatically match you to qualified attorneys that can help with your specific needs. The proposals will be sent to you, and you can set up a free consultation.

Once you’re ready, you can start to hire your lawyer. Pricing is very straightforward, so you don’t need to worry about hidden fees. Use UpCounsel to connect with your lawyer online.

UpCounsel makes managing all your communications easy. UpCounsel provides free document management as well as time-tracking phone calls.

Additionally, you can track your spending, manage your invoices, and have flexible payment options. UpCounsel lets you connect with lawyers you have previously worked with. Visit UpCounsel

Best Online Business Formation Service


Start a business. Incfile can provide the best legal help, starting with a FREE LLC filing. Incfile logo


  • Offers a free LLC file
  • Any U.S. country can be incorporated
  • Choose from three different packages
  • Includes lifetime alerts in the event of important filing dates


  • State fees do not apply to free LLC filings
  • Only limited phone support
  • Fees in certain states are more than in others

Incfile is an online legal service that helps startups navigate every growth process, from selecting a legal entity to staying within compliance. Incfile has helped more than half a billion small businesses since 2004.

Incfile offers its customers three packages: Gold, Platinum, and Silver. Add the service fee of Incfile to state filing fees, and pricing will determine your price. This means that your total cost will depend on which type of entity you create and what state you start your business. The Gold package costs $199 in Arkansas for an LLC and $354 in New York to open the same business.

Incfile is here to help you navigate the annual compliance requirements. Gold members have to access a bank account, tax consultation services, and banking resolutions. Platinum members receive contract templates, expedited filing, and a domain and email along with their fees.

Incfile’s customer support is its biggest problem. The hours for phone support are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST on weekdays. Customers have also complained of slow response times. Incfile recently addressed these concerns publicly by adding live chat support and doubling its customer service staff. Visit Incfile

Bottom Line

Online legal services are usually cheaper than standard lawyers and easier to use, but they have limitations. It’s unnecessary to pay hundreds of dollars for a simple Will when you can easily create one online for $100. Online legal services are an excellent place to start; if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on long-term legal representation, they can provide free or low-cost advice.