Quickbooks Payroll vs. Gusto

Compare Gusto with QuickBooks to choose the right one.

Comparison of Gusto vs QuickBooks

Top Gusto advantages:

  • Gusto offers more features that QuickBooks Payroll. Gusto offers more features like employee profiles, offers and onboarding, time off requests, organization charts and employee surveys. You may also need to purchase a QuickBooks Plus plan with additional features or pay an additional fee.
  • Integrations: Gusto makes it easy to integrate third-party software with your existing plan. Integrations: Gusto lets you integrate with third-party software, regardless of your plan. This includes time tracking tools and POS platforms. span> QuickBooks Online is not included span> QuickBooks Payroll will require you to manually enter data into QuickBooks Payroll.
  • Gusto integrates HR specific tools. Gusto is not just a payroll system. It integrates many tools that are commonly associated with HCM or HR software.
  • Gusto does not charge extra fees. Gusto doesn’t charge extra fees. Gusto is generally more expensive, but they offer more features without additional fees.

Gusto features HR-specific features, which are more advanced than QuickBooks payroll. Gusto lets you create and manage an organizational chart.

Compare pricing and features: Gusto vs QuickBooks Payroll

  Gusto QuickBooks Payroll
Monthly fee Starting at $39/mo. + $6/mo. per user Starting at $45/mo. + $4/mo. per user
Setup fee Free Free
Unlimited payrolls checkmark icon checkmark icon
Automated federal and state tax filing checkmark icon checkmark icon
Direct deposit checkmark icon checkmark icon
File W-2s checkmark icon checkmark icon
File 1099s checkmark icon checkmark icon
Multiple pay rates and schedules checkmark icon checkmark icon
Multiple states checkmark icon dollar icon Extra fees (free with Elite)
Contractor payments checkmark icon checkmark icon
E-sign I-9 and W-4 checkmark icon checkmark icon (Premium and Elite)
Lifetime access for employees checkmark icon x icon
Household employer payroll x icon x icon
International payroll x icon x icon
Health benefits Pay premiums only Through SimplyInsured
Workers’ comp Pay premiums only Premiums + fees (fees waived for Premium and Elite)
Available add-ons 401(k) retirement529 college savingsCommuter benefitsLife and disabilityHSA and FSA 401(k) retirement
HR tools    
Time tracking checkmark icon (Complete and Concierge) checkmark icon (Premium and Elite)
Team directory and org chart checkmark icon (Complete and Concierge) x icon
Time-off requests checkmark icon (Complete and Concierge) x icon
Online offer letters checkmark icon (Complete and Concierge) x icon
Secure document vault and e-signing checkmark icon (Complete and Concierge) x icon
Custom employee handbook checkmark icon (Concierge) checkmark icon (Elite)
Job description and policy templates checkmark icon (Concierge) checkmark icon (Premium and Elite)
Proactive compliance updates checkmark icon (Concierge) checkmark icon (Premium and Elite)
Certified HR pros checkmark icon (Concierge) checkmark icon (Elite)
Direct phone line for dedicated support checkmark icon (Concierge) checkmark icon (Elite)
Custom Onboarding Checklist checkmark icon (Complete and Concierge) checkmark icon
Software Provisioning checkmark icon (Complete and Concierge) x icon
QuickBooks checkmark icon checkmark icon
Xero checkmark icon checkmark icon
Google (G-suite) SSO checkmark icon checkmark icon

What to consider when

Top QuickBooks Payroll benefits:

  • Connectivity to QuickBooks Online – QuickBooks Payroll is connected directly with QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Online has the largest and most popular accounting software on the market. This software is easy to use if you already have it.
  • Price: QuickBooks Payroll tends to be more affordable than Gusto, due to the lower per-employee monthly costs. This applies regardless of whether the plan was purchased with or without a QuickBooks Online account.
  • Gusto permits next-day/sameday direct deposit. If you need to pay employees quickly,
  • Gusto does NOT offer a mobile application. QuickBooks Payroll offers both an iOS & Android mobile app and is free for all subscribers. It’s especially helpful if your payroll needs are remote.

The QuickBooks Payroll mobile app lets you view payroll expenses, enter employee hours, and file taxes. Direct deposit can also be made.

Features of Gusto and QuickBooks

Gusto vs QuickBooks Payroll both provide online-based solutions. QuickBooks has a desktop version available for those who prefer it. There are three subscription options available. Each subscription plan will allow you to access the features within your system. Higher-priced plans include more features.

Gusto’s unique HR features make them stand out. Gusto is more than just a payroll platform. This is true whether you are choosing the top-tier or middle-tier plans.

Gusto features

Gusto offers three plans: Complete, Core, and Concierge. They are $6 per employee and come with no base price.

  • Unlimited payroll: You can run payroll with direct deposit as often as you want, depending on how you set it up. It can accommodate multiple pay rate and employee types.
  • Tax filings and payments: All payroll taxes, whether federal, state or local, are automatically calculated and filed. You can also file state new hire reporting. W-2s, as well as 1099s, can be filed.
  • Time Tracking: Manage time off accrual policies and reporting including holiday pay and sick leave.
  • Reporting View, export and view reports about payroll, benefits, taxes, employees, and more
  • Employee portal This gives employees access to their portal that includes payroll setup and pay stubs.
  • Profiles to employees: Create employee profiles, add departments, teams and managers. Employees have the option to e-sign W-4 or I-9 forms.
  • Benefits: Employees have the option to enroll online for their workers’ compensation and health insurance. For workers’ compensation administration, billing and estimate support are available.
  • Integrations Gusto integrations: Integrate Gusto with accounting software and time-tracking systems.
  • Customer Care: Unlimited phone, email, or chat support is available during regular business hours

Gusto has significant functionality for Core plans. They provide more tools for time management and professional support.

However, Gusto Complete, which is the next plan, still includes all the above.

  • Permissions Administrators and managers can set permissions that allow them to see information about their direct reports.
  • Onboarding, employee offer: Sending out online offers letters, storing documents and letting employees e-sign custom papers.
  • Simple time management tools: Employees can submit requests for time off (and their managers to track them), and time tracking can be synchronized with payroll to create holidays.
  • Employee Directory: Create an organizational diagram and an employee directory. Your employee profiles can be customized with additional fields.
  • Surveys: Send anonymous survey to your employees and monitor the trends over time.

Concierge is the most expensive plan. You get everything in Core and Complete. However, you also have access to premium support.

  • Certified HR professionals Unlimited access to HR professionals for assistance with employee matters, payroll compliance, or other matters.
  • HR Resource Center: Download guides and templates to assist you in managing your team. This includes job descriptions and policies, as well as employee handbooks.
  • Help by Gusto Get dedicated help via phone or email.

QuickBooks Payroll features

QuickBooks Online Payments can also be accessed via three subscription plans — however, the capabilities within each plan are slightly different.

First, QuickBooks Online includes payroll software. Technically, however, it does not need to be part of a QuickBooks Online subscription.

This Core plan is also known by the first QuickBooks Payroll Plan. It contains the following:

  • Payment processing: Create and calculate payrolls. Direct deposit can be used to set up an automatic payroll system for salaried workers.
  • Payments for state and federal taxes: All federal taxes and state taxes can automatically be calculated, filed, and paid The plan does not offer automatic new hire reporting or local tax filings.
  • Direct deposit next-day – Payroll must be received by 5 p.m., the day prior payday. Direct deposits will be sent to your employees on the same day.
  • Additional fees might apply to health benefits.
  • Workforce portal Let employees access QuickBooks Workforce online, to view their W-2s as well as pay stubs and balances.
  • Payroll reports: Create and download reports for payroll, PTO, and taxes. Contractor payments can also be requested.
  • Product support: Chat with customer service or call them during regular business hours.
  • Integrations with QuickBooks Payroll and QuickBooks Online: Connect QuickBooks Payroll to QuickBooks Online. You can also connect other Intuit tools, such as TSheets 1099 service and TSheets, to QuickBooks Online. However, you won’t have access to any third-party integration options unless QuickBooks Payroll is used with QuickBooks Online. If you use another accounting software, you will need manually to enter the data.

The Core plan from QuickBooks Payroll, unlike Gusto’s Core Plan, focuses almost exclusively upon payroll processing. It doesn’t offer HR-related services. Gusto has Core plans.

QuickBooks’ next plan will be the Premium plan. QuickBooks payroll Premium, like Gusto Complete provides more functionality in the payroll platform. It includes:

  • Direct deposit same day: Pay employees same day as their paychecks if payroll is received prior to 7 a.m. each payday. Contractors cannot use this service.
  • User permissions: Users can be granted access to certain levels of permission and they can also modify or remove any user’s access at any time.
  • Forms for state new hiring reporting: The Premium and Elite plans include the filings required by state new hiring reporting requirements.
  • HR Support Centre: Access online support for compliance and best practice in HR. You can also customize job descriptions and onboarding tools.
  • Expert Review: Get a review of your account by an expert to spot common mistakes in payroll and tax issues. Correct data transfer (if applicable)
  • TSheets’ mobile accessibility: Download the QuickBooks TSheet App on your mobile device. Manage employee hours and allow employees to track their time.

While the Premium plan offers more features that the Core plan, it still focuses primarily on payroll. There are some HR capabilities that can be added.

The Elite Plan is the last QuickBooks Online payroll plan. This plan includes all the benefits of Core, Premium and

  • Customized setup Make sure your data is properly transferred to new providers by getting a professional payroll setup
  • Track project time and expenses. Set up geofencing alerts so workers can clock in and out. View activity feed with photos, notes and project updates.
  • Tax penalty protection: QuickBooks pays any IRS penalty that arises from your payroll tax filings. Additionally, the QuickBooks tax resolution team will represent you and help to resolve any IRS issues.
  • 24/7 Support: Access premium support by U.S.-based payroll professionals via phone or chat. No waiting!
  • Meet with a personal HR advisor To get answers, troubleshoot, and create policies,

While QuickBooks offers more functionality than their standard payroll program, the Premium or Elite plans provide additional tools. Although the service offers more functionality than standard payroll software, it is less focused on payroll than Gusto, which can be used to manage tasks such employee onboarding.

Gusto vs QuickBooks Pricing

Gusto Payroll as well as QuickBooks Payroll offer three subscription options. You will be charged a monthly base fee and per-person monthly fees depending on how many users you add to the system.

Let us say that you have 20 employees. The monthly cost for Gusto Complete is $279, QuickBooks Payroll Core $125, and Gusto Core $159, respectively.

QuickBooks Payroll is considered the most affordable option. These include direct deposits from contractors as well as multiple filings for taxes.

Gusto pricing

Gusto is offering three plans:

  • Core: $39 per month plus $6 per month per person
  • Complete: $39 per month plus $12 per month per person
  • Concierge service: $149 per month plus $12 per Person

These plans have the same features mentioned above.

Keep this in your mind. Gusto offers workers’ compensation and other health benefits. You only need to pay premiums. There are no administration fees for finding plans and integrating them into your payroll system.

Gusto also offers some add-ons for fringe benefits at associated prices.

  • Retirement Plans, 401(k), and
  • 529 college savings accounts: $6 per month per participant, $18 per month minimum
  • Health savings accounts: $2.50 per month per participant, no minimum
  • Commuter benefits: $4 per participant per month, minimum $20 per month
  • Flexible Spending Accounts: 4 per participant, minimum $20/month

Gusto provides a one-month free trial for their payroll services. They do not require long-term contracts.

Pricing of QuickBooks Payroll

Gusto, and QuickBooks Online Payroll both offer standard pricing. But, it’s worth noting that they often have promotions for QuickBooks Payroll when used with a QuickBooks Online subscription.

This explains why QuickBooks Payroll has a standard pricing model:

  • Core: $45 per month plus $4 per employee per month
  • Premium: $75 per month plus $8 per employee per month
  • Elite: $125 per month plus $10 per employee per month.

Plans start at $25/month with Simple Start and go up to $150/month when you add Advanced.

QuickBooks Payroll charges an additional fee to pay contractors by direct deposit. QuickBooks Payroll charges a $4 per month fee for Core plans, $8 per for Premium plans, and $10 per for Elite plans. In addition, QuickBooks will charge $12 per month for additional state filings. Gusto charges no additional fees for multiple tax filings, except if you have the Elite Plan span>

QuickBooks mentions workers’ comp and health benefits that may be subjected to additional fees. However, it does not specify the exact amount. QuickBooks Payroll core users pay a $5 per monthly fee to access the worker’s comp payment service.

You can also add the following services to QuickBooks Payroll Plans:

  • (TSheets ) – Although TSheets Mobile Access falls under the Premium or Elite plans, you have the option to add it for $20 per user per month plus $8.
  • 1099 e-filing: Three forms starting at $14.99, additional forms starting at $3.99 QuickBooks can add 1099 more forms to your file for no extra cost if you have over 20 1099 forms.
  • Annual Subscription: $87.99 Labour law posters

QuickBooks also offers a free 30-day trial for their payroll software. QuickBooks offers a 30-day free trial of their payroll software. This is similar to Gusto.